The Health Care Bill

The health care bill passed yesterday with a 219-212 vote in
the House.  All Republicans were smart
and voted no along with 34 Democrats.
The bill is now on its way to the President to be signed.

Let me guess – you re-read that paragraph about two times
making sure you read it correct didn’t you?
We all took civics in school, watched those silly school house rock
videos, and we all are smart enough to understand how a bill becomes a law.  It goes through the House for approval,
through the Senate and if approved through both goes to the President for a
signature.  So how can this health care
bill pass through the House, skip the Senate and go to the President for a
signature?  Well it’s called: The
Democrats pulled a fast ball on the American people.

What was passed yesterday was called a reconciliation
bill.  What ended up happening was the
House and Senate passed two different Health Care Reform bills.  In order for a bill to become a law it must
get passed through the House and Senate in the same form.  At the time neither the House nor Senate
wanted to take up each other’s form of the bill.  So what should have happened at this point in
time was that everyone should have gone back to the drawing board and come up
with something else.  That happened for
about a day.  Obama got together with
Republicans and Democrats and made it seem like they were trying to work out a
compromise to this Healthcare Reform Bill.
I’m not sure though if any of you watched the actual debate, but I did
and it was not a bipartisan meeting at all.
Nothing of what the Republicans said was heard.  So after that meeting, several deal makings
later, and arm twisting by the Obama Administration, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi
– the Democrats in the House got together and decided they would take up the
Senate’s version of the healthcare bill.

The only problem was they didn’t have enough votes to do
it.  One thing stopping the House
Democrats from passing the bill was the provisions on abortion.  The White House though announced President
Obama would issue an executive order pledging that no federal funds would be
used for elective abortion. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t trust one
word that comes out of Obama’s mouth and that promise to me means nothing. So
this bill was passed with pro-abortion provisions meaning our tax dollars are
going to support abortion.   But either
way, the House Democrats not in favor of the pro-abortion provisions believed
Obama and now had enough votes to pass the Health Care Reform, and because they
passed the Senate’s version of the bill under “reconciliation” it now goes
straight to the President for his signature.
The fixes that were made to the bill will go back to the Senate for
approval; however under reconciliation all they need is a 51 vote majority to
pass it.  Under normal circumstances it
would take 60 votes to pass a bill through the Senate.  Democrats control 59 of the Senate’s 100
seats, one vote shy of the number needed to overcome bill-killing filibusters
from a united GOP.   One other reason the
Democrats wanted to pass this bill using reconciliation.  They knew they didn’t have the votes in the
Senate to pass it normally, but they do have the 51 needed to pass it now.

So whether we like it or not, it looks like this Health Care
Reform is going to be passed and put into law.
It’s going to cost over $900 billion dollars over ten years, bankrupt
our state, bankrupt our entire economy, and not to mention my child who isn’t
even born yet is going to get the bill footed to him or her.  I love though how the Democrats will tell you
this bill is saving us $138 billion dollars.
I seriously do question if Reid, Pelosi and others got a legit education
in their youth or maybe they just forgot over the years how to do simple
math.  This bill is going to cost $900
billion + over the next ten years and we’re going to save $138 billion over the
next ten years according to the Democrats.
900 – 138 = 762!  So our deficit
is still going to go up $762 billion over ten years.  If you believe that is all this bill is going
to cost.  I for one believe it’ll cost
way more than $900 billion over ten years.

So with all that aside, what exactly is IN this health care

Well along with the hefty price tag this bill comes with it
also comes with a lot of rules and regulations. Under this bill I for one will
be required to get health care, the 18 year old just out of high school who
holds a part time job will be required, and the 30 year old who just got laid
off and has no source of income will also be required.  Oh and if you don’t purchase health care by
2014 you will be penalized! Oh but don’t worry the government will offer you a
subsidy. Oh how nice (that was meant to be sarcastic people).

Businesses that have fewer than 50 employees will not be
required to cover their employees under the health care bill, but those with
over 50 will be.  If they do not cover
them, the company will face a $750 dollar fine per person. In some cases
(depending on how large the company is) paying that $750 fine might be cheaper
than offering health care.  The bottom
line though is that this health care reform will hurt businesses.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a
job and some income coming in them no job and health care.  Companies will hire less people.  That’s the simple truth.  If you think unemployment is high in the year
2010.  You just wait till 2014 rolls

Now here’s what SEEMS like the good parts of the bill (hence
the word seems)

From a news article on “The insurance industry,
which spent millions on advertising trying to block the bill, would come under
new federal regulation. They would be forbidden from placing lifetime dollar
limits on policies, from denying coverage to children because of pre-existing
conditions and from canceling policies when a policyholder becomes ill. Parents
would be able to keep children up to age 26 on their family insurance plans,
three years longer than is now the case. A new high-risk pool would offer
coverage to uninsured people with medical problems until 2014, when the
coverage expansion would go into high gear.”

Sounds good huh? People can no longer be denied based on
pre-existing conditions, insurance companies can’t cancel your policy if you
become sick and hey I could still be on Dad’s health insurance till I’m
26.  HOWEVER – hence the word seems –
remember?  Those requirements and rules
are going to raise the cost of premiums, medicine, and medical practices. So
yes sounds nice on paper but in reality – covering those people are going to
cost a lot more money.

So this health care bill DOES NOT lower the cost of health
care in America. It’ll raise taxes by half a trillion dollars and the other
half trillion to pay for this bill will be taken out of Medicare.  I’ll remember when my son (or daughter) turns
18 and realizes how much he has to pay for a health care bill he wasn’t even
alive to know about when it passed – that it was the Obama Administration and
those 219 Democrats that handed my son (or daughter) the bill they and their
kids will be paying off for the rest of their lives.

Oh and just so you all know, on the November ballot in
Arizona there is going to be an initiative called the Arizona Health Care
Freedom Act. If passed, it will allow residents to opt out of any federally
mandated health insurance program or plan. So I urge you all to VOTE YES in
November on that initiative!

Sarah Markham

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